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What We Do


The science of measurement

With more than 30 surveyors in Auckland and Christchurch, Woods has one of the largest surveying teams in New Zealand. This means we can meet all surveying requirements — from topographical and site detail to LIDAR and Terrestrial Scanning.


Our surveyors

An organisation is nothing without its people. So, we focus on hiring the best and supporting them. We recruit new graduates from Otago University and put all surveyors through continuous professional and development programmes (CPD), consisting of a formal and informal learning.

Strength in diversity

With people from a wide range of ages and cultures, our surveying team is as diverse as it is large. We believe this diversity gives us strength; it provides the ability to approach projects from many perspectives.

Doing the job right

Surveying is the ‘science of measurement,’ so it goes without saying, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount.

Before starting any project, it is important to understand its purpose and background. So, we ask questions and listen. This ensures we avoid costly site revisits in order to capture data missed the first time around. Fully understanding the project eliminates extra costs that can accumulate

Latest technology

To augment the skills of our surveyors and continue to deliver the best possible service, we embrace innovative ideas and technologies. Woods boast one of the most modern and expansive survey equipment inventories in New Zealand including terrestrial and mobile laser scanning technologies.

Do you need surveying services?

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Our surveying services include:

  • Topographical and site detail surveys
  • Legalisation surveys
  • GPS surveys
  • GIS data collection surveys
  • Resource consent applications for subdivision
  • Cross lease, urban and rural subdivision
  • Subdivision to create strata titles
  • Unit title subdivision
  • Covenant and easement surveys
  • Boundary redefinition
  • Rentable area measurement (BOMA/PLEINZ)
  • As built surveys
  • Civil construction set out
  • Monitoring of settlement and lateral displacement
  • Photogrammetric survey control
  • Railway surveys
  • LIDAR and Terrestrial Scanning

Need help or advice on your next project, then contact us