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We are extremely proud to announce that Woods has been awarded the heralded Aon Best Employer status.

We are very proud of the team and culture we have created at Woods and we are humbled by this new accreditation.


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Homes & Sections since 1970


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Leaders in Infrastructure, Urban Design & Architecture

Woods is a company with a rich history that began nearly 50 years ago. Over that time we have built on our ability to provide comprehensive, innovative and cost effective strategic solutions to fit and meet the most demanding of projects, no matter their complexity, and/or scale.

Our team are the very best, with vast expertise, project and life experience. We can boast a truly dynamic team of innovative, creative and passionate professionals.

Daniel Williams – Managing Director

Woods is a multi-disciplinary company with a focus on land and infrastructure. However, we have expertise in and have shown leadership in, Engineering, Survey, Planning, Geo-spatial, Architecture, and Urban Design.

These two statements capture what we do and why we do it.

Creating Better Communities


Delivering Better Communities

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Complete projects

Woods was established more than 40 years ago. For much of that time, our focus was on engineering and surveying. We developed green field subdivisions and built infrastructure for other companies to develop further. The market has changed, however, and clients now demand a finished product.


Complete projects

So, we adapted. And today we comprise not only engineers and surveyors but also resource planners, urban design planners and architects. This means we deliver complete projects — from green field and brown field subdivisions to comprehensive townhouse, industrial estate and commercial developments.

A legacy

Of success

We have a long track record of success. And we are the preferred supplier to several large developers— some we have worked with for over 20 years. As a result, developers and Councils trust us. They know we deliver projects on time and to the highest standard. They’ve seen the proof.


with councils

Councils are increasingly demanding innovative developments that take factors such as the environment, stormwater, built form and construction effects into account. And legislation is continually changing.


with councils

So, we work closely with councils. We ensure we are part of the system. Some of our people sit on a range of Industry Liaison and Council committees to work through issues that are facing the greater industry, and we are also regularly invited to assist Councils to update their guidelines.  We pride ourselves as being considered industry leaders.


Woods culture

Our approach is ‘hands-on’. There are no ‘managers managing managers’, and we have a flat organisational structure. So, regardless of seniority, managers still perform their core roles, which is why you’ll find all four of our directors running and delivering projects.


Woods culture

We are collaborative. When starting a new project, a team comprising professionals with the necessary expertise (engineers, surveyors, planners, etc.) is assigned to it from beginning to end.  We work in an open-plan environment, which makes communication easy and gives each team member an appreciation of the whole project.


through diversity

We are innovative. And much of our innovation stems from seeing problems from different perspectives. We come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. Many of us are in the mid-20 to early-30s age group, and in an often male-orientated industry, we’re pleased to say about 20% of us are female.

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