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Stonefields is situated on the old Winstone’s Mount Wellington Quarry site, which until its closure in 2001, was a major source of aggregate for the Auckland region. Incidentally, Stonefields is named after ancient Maori stone fields located at the foot of the nearby volcano, Mt Wellington. In 2002, Landco Limited (now Todd Property Group) appointed Woods as lead consultant for the development

For Woods, the objective was to coordinate the transformation of 110-hectares of quarry into an integrated residential development of over 2,000 dwellings for more than 6,500 people.

Woods was also responsible for obtaining compliance documentations by working closely with local authorities, Auckland Council and major utility providers.

At the time, Woods had not established an architectural and urban design team. So, the master planning, which included street planning and determining the effects of different residential densities, was carried out by Australian consultancy firm PMM Brisbane Pty Ltd. It was very collaborative process where we worked closely with PMM using lot of 3D modelling for effective communication between all parties

Stonefields is now well on the way to completion and becoming a thriving community among reserves, recreational facilities and sports clubs. When complete, the development will comprise approximately 2,500 houses suitable for a range of age groups, lifestyles and income levels.


March 22, 2016


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