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Equidae Springs, Coastal Homes

Equidae Springs, Coastal Homes

Drury Stream is a wonderful setting and holds tremendous value. That is why our client wanted to explore a way to locate some luxury homes along its coastal edge as part of a larger residential development.

This was easier said than done, as there was already an existing house located in close proximity to the coast, a beautiful home designed by Simon Carnachan 25 years ago.

The client wanted to ensure that the amenity of this house was not unduly compromised and that views from all the key rooms were retained. The resulting solution was the development of four narrow homes that stepped down from a common access-way, reminiscent of boat sheds. The narrow profiles maximised the spaces between the homes, protecting key views for the existing home.
Additionally, the design of the homes and the stepped plan ensured that the new homes did not dominate the existing home.Combined with the exclusion of windows facing the existing home this ensured privacy and amenity.

These homes required close co-ordination with our engineers, ultimately resulting in a design solution that was well received by council during pre-application, resulting in no section 92 comments or requests.


May 1, 2017


Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Survey, Urban Design

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