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With the size and scale of projects getting bigger, delivery windows getting smaller, and the importance of health and safety never higher, Woods saw the opportunity to help deliver effectively and efficiently under these constraints. Woods is one of the few companies in New Zealand offering Mobile Laser Scanning surveying solutions.

What is Mobile Laser Scanning?

Mobile Laser Scanning adds another dimension to surveying.  As the name suggests, it is the application of laser scanning from a moving system, usually a vehicle.  A mobile survey system is comprised of a navigation system, a laser scanner and usually includes a camera.

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The navigation system combines a survey grade GPS, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and wheel encoders that track distance travelled.  We process the information from the navigation sensors to produce a time stamped trajectory.

The laser scanner measures up to 1 million points per second while the vehicle travels along the survey route.  The massive coverage of point data enables the thorough capture of a wide variety of survey features.

The 360° panoramic camera provides capture of street-view imagery.  The imagery can be overlaid on the point cloud to enable an immersive 3D interaction suited to general feature mapping.  The 360° imagery is often presented as 360° video or in GIS database form.

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Our experience with mobile surveying enables us to develop innovative surveying solutions for improved efficiency and safety in some of the most challenging surveying environments.

Coupled with our experience with managing laser scan data, we are proud to offer industry-leading survey products for projects of any scale. Our experience as professional surveyors enables us to produce products that are reliable and of proven quality.


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