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GIS at Woods

Improving efficiency by utilising geospatial solutions

In most projects, information tends to come from many sources, such as surveys, designs, images taken on sites and mapping of planning controls. All of them have something in common: they can be assigned a location in space. Geographic Information Systems allows us and our clients to look at that data together and examine spatial dependencies and trends to better understand the area being developed and ensure the best outcome is always pursued.

Mapping and spatial data management

When it comes to land development, location is the key. At Woods, we manage location-aware data, that is developed by our engineers and urban designers, collected by our surveyors, as well as acquired from outside sources. We use it to improve our understanding of the project sites, identify possibilities, implications of designs, restraints and priorities, and overall improve efficiencies. Through overlaying and analysing different datasets, and consequently achieving apparent visualisations, GIS can help to reveal solutions and inspire ideas. With the use of web maps, we can make more informed decisions.

Web maps can be a great tool for communication and collaboration. They can provide a good insight to our clients, enabling them to visualise next project stages and keeping them better informed.

Mobile geospatial solutions

As an innovative and dynamic company, we use modern technologies to improve our data collection. We utilise GIS-based mobile applications to gather information in the field, required by our clients. This enables us to work faster and more efficiently, reducing processing time in the office and minimising chances of any error.

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The benefits of GIS
  • Better visualisation of data
  • Easier and more intuitive access to information
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased efficiency of data collection
Our GIS Services Include
  • GIS data collection surveys
  • Mapping
  • Terrain analysis

Need help or advice on your next project, then contact us