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Pukeroa Place, Social Housing

Pukeroa Place, Social Housing

Housing NZ is going through a period of urban renewal and housing stock upgrades. Part of this renewal and upgrade of its housing stock is looking at underutilised sites in areas where there is a need for social housing. One such place was on Pukeroa Place

The site was relatively small formed by combining two existing 700m2 sites together, Woods devised a site layout and houses designs, that included 3 fully detached four bed homes and 4 two bed duplex homes, that not only met the very specific needs and requirements of HNZ, but satisfied the wider urban interface issues that Auckland Council were interested in.

The final solution breezed through the pre-application process with almost no requests from the council and subsequently flew through its resource consent application, popping out within the 20 day processing time period.

Woods acted as a design manager for this project and through successful collaboration with other consultancies involved, Woods was able to satisfy issues for Council and received high commendation of the project’s architectural and urban design work from Council.



April 28, 2017


Architecture, Engineering, Urban Design

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