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What We Do

Project Management

Delivering tangible outcomes

Project management is about minimising risk and achieving tangible outcomes such as on-time delivery to the highest standard and cost efficiency. To achieve the best outcome, we assign project managers with skills and experience best suited to the size and nature of any given project.


There are often many stakeholders in a project: the client, the Woods project team and external organisations such as specialist consultants, Councils, Iwi and interest groups . So, to be effective, a project manager must be a conduit between all parties and a skilled communicator.

Connected to the industry

All Woods project managers are seasoned professionals. They also have well-established industry networks because, to get things done, knowing the right people, in Councils and the wider industry, is essential.

How we work

For every new project, we form a team that comprises professionals with the necessary expertise (planners, urban designers, engineers, surveyors, etc.). These people work on the project from start to finish.

No Woods project team member works in isolation — collaboration is a big part of our culture.  Our offices are open-plan, which facilitates communication, and working together side by side provides every team member an appreciation of the overall project.

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Our project management services include:

  • Preparation of project briefs
  • Client representation
  • Design management
  • Sub-consultant brief definition and selection
  • Sub-consultant engagement and cost control
  • Project team management
  • Buildability and feasibility analysis
  • Budget management / Cost control
  • Information management
  • Contract administration
  • Value management services
  • Project delivery advice
  • Negotiation services
  • Tender management
  • Project reporting
  • Project salvaging service

Need help or advice on your next project, then contact us