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Huapai Triangle, Lot 200

Huapai Triangle, Lot 200

The Huapai Triangle area was specified as a Special Housing Area for medium density development. Superlots for attached housing have been located adjacent to open space areas and stormwater reserves.

Mike Greer Homes chose an 1800 square metre site bounded by three roads and a stormwater reserve adjacent to the road to the north boundary.

The brief was to provide affordable units for a wide range of customers, and instead of the usual 7 unit development of two-storey terraces, the design provides 12 x 2 bedroom walk-up apartments within two storeys.

Opting for surface parking avoids the ‘shed’ appearance of carports, and a combined resident & guest parking area.

The simple monopitch roofs extend to cover generous north-facing decks and shared stair and storage lockers are recessed deeply on the facade to define each 2-storey block of unit. The units have a simple palette of light flush rebated weatherboards and dark vertical metal cladding, and smaller areas of vertical board-and batten.

Internally the units are similar to apartments with bedrooms to the south and the open-plan living/ dining/ kitchen areas facing north onto the decks and patios. The central service zone groups the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and the bedrooms are accessed via short corridors that avoid the usual case of opening directly from open-plan living.

With a density of 66 units/ hectare, this provides a typology of affordability, sitting between terrace designs and higher-density apartments.


May 1, 2017


Architecture, Planning, Urban Design

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