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Case Study

Beachlands Village, Beachlands

Beachlands Village, Beachlands

This 25 unit terrace house development in Beachlands, was across three blocks adjacent to a new retail centre. The proposed strip of residential development provides a residential interface with larger 800m2 lots across the road from the development as per Plan Change 30A (Beachlands Village).

The design uses a rear lane adjacent to the large-format retail stores and associated car parking to access detached garaging. The houses’ private open space is provided between the house and the garage which offers visual privacy from the retail and parking areas.

The fronts of the terrace housing provide a high level of landscaping and direct access to front doors.

A shared pedestrian and vehicle egress lane was co-ordinated with the retail development and the terraced houses are formed in blocks of 4 to 5 maximum, to provide end units and visual breaks in the blocks.


May 1, 2017


Architecture, Urban Design

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