Our Team

We collaborate, merge ideas, and challenge the status quo to ultimately create and deliver better communities. 

Our diverse teams of planners, engineers, surveyors, urban designers, and urban architects are uniquely positioned to offer a range of perspectives and skills for any project. Our holistic approach to land development considers the needs and goals of both our partners, clients, and the community, resulting in better outcomes for everyone. Find out more about our specialists and professionals below.



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    Daniel Williams

    Managing Director

    Daniel has been a Director of Woods for 25 Years and has been Managing Director for the last Fifteen. He has over 30 years of professional experience as a Surveyor with involvement in a broad range of projects, including master-planned communities, large infrastructure builds, and commercial developments throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Daniel enjoys the interaction with clients in the investigation and commencement of large projects and can see the bigger picture of development opportunities. He has successfully overseen the growth of the company to its current size through the use of technology and high performing staff. He is looking forward to the next phase of growth for Woods.

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    Mark Cochran

    Director - South Island Manager

    Responsible for Woods’ South Island operation, Mark is a surveyor and engineer with over 25 years of experience in the Land Development industry.

    He is renowned for his work on a broad spectrum of design, planning, and surveying projects (infrastructure, commercial and residential) for both public and private sector clients. Mark has led several small to large-scale land development projects and enjoys the challenge of delivering a quality finished product for our clients and the community.

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    Mark Williams


    As a Director, Mark has a responsibility to do the right thing — for both Woods’ clients and staff.

    Since graduating in 1986, he has specialised in land development, an industry that has changed a great deal over the years.

    The most significant driver for Mark is that the work Woods undertakes results in places people want to live. So, to him, it is vital this ‘end game’ is always to the fore. Teaming this aspiration with the goals of a broad client base is a rewarding challenge that has kept Mark invigorated throughout his career.

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    Brian Flood

    Director & Principal Engineer

    Brian has been an Associate of Woods since 2008 with 30 years of professional experience as a civil engineer. He has worked on a wide variety of master-planned developments and infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, China, and Europe.

    He is frequently sought for complex multi-disciplinary projects.

    Brian specialises in the delivery of site and route selection for a range of infrastructure, energy, and utility projects, providing integrated design solutions and mitigation strategies in both urban and rural locations. He is also an experienced and recognised expert witness, presenting evidence before the council, the Environment Court, and the Board of Inquiry hearings.

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    Bruce Anderson


    Bruce was appointed as a director of Woods in December 2021 and now chairs the board. He has a broad background starting with 11 years in the New Zealand Army, mainly as a Combat Engineer/Instructor. After leaving the Army, he went on to do a PhD in Economic Geology studying copper deposits in northern Western Australia. On returning to New Zealand, Bruce worked in the public sector in health and maritime.

    For the last ten years, Bruce has run a successful consultancy practice working with clients to resolve complex policy issues, design and implementation of pragmatic solutions, and the negotiation and resolution of challenging situations. The areas of speciality include governance; government, not-for-profit, and private sector strategy development; operational policy; and business/organisational development.


  • Todd Fraser staff photo

    Todd Fraser

    Principal Engineer - Neighbourhood Design Manager Piritahi

    Todd has been a civil and structural engineer for over 22 years working in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Todd’s expertise is in drawing together all the strands of land development to effectively work with clients to deliver a completed project. With increasing intensification this has meant collaborating on traffic, geo-technical, stormwater, servicing and architectural issues with a clear understanding of sequencing and staging decisions.

  • Ed Ryan.png

    Ed Ryan

    Specialist Design Engineer

    Ed is qualified in Aeronautical and Mechanical/Hydraulics Engineering, with over 40 years of experience in engineering design, project management, cost engineering, estimation, administration and research & development, for a wide variety of industrial, building services and infrastructure projects in New Zealand, Australia, Africa and Asia. 

    Ed has been at Woods for over 10 years and started by helping the tunnelling contractor complete the Long Bay tunnel since then his work has been managing a number of Civil sub-division projects, and working in and helping to develop the Infrastructure division of Woods. Ed has designed a number of Pump Stations for wastewater, bulk water and stormwater and the accompanying infrastructure. Recently, Ed completed a degree in Business Management from Massey University to increase his capabilities in running projects and producing quality work.

    Ed has a keen interest in sustainable and environmental green systems design, thermal design, and pump & hydraulics systems design. Ed is the Environmental Officer for Woods and is responsible for maintaining our IMS 14001 certification. Ed also holds an international certificate in Health & safety and assists whenever required.

  • Marcel Waldvogel

    Marcel Waldvogel

    Associate Engineer

    Marcel is a charted professional engineer leading a team of engineers doing large scale land redevelopment and infrastructure projects in transforming communities.

    Marcel specialises in civil engineering design and management of complex largescale brownfield developments which require multi-disciplinary designs and the management of construction observations/contract management throughout the project lifecycle. Marcel uses his experience to redevelop and reinvigorate communities with new innovative infrastructure to help combat the housing shortages in Auckland.

  • Manu Miskell

    Manu Miskell

    Senior Associate Engineer

    Manu is an engineer with twelve years of experience. Based in the Christchurch office, he has worked on designing and delivering many large and small-scale projects in the South Island. Manu thrives in a team environment and enjoys providing practical solutions to complex problems. He gets real satisfaction from seeing his designs completed to a high standard.

  • Hamish Boult.png

    Hamish Boult

    Intermediate Surveyor

    Hamish is a licensed cadastral surveyor who has 5 years’ experience in surveying and land development engineering. This has provided him with a broad knowledge on residential land development processes. Hamish prides himself on his attention to detail and communication skills.

    Hamish has worked on a significant number of survey projects of varying size and complexities in the wider Auckland region. Some of the larger projects he has been involved with include Long Bay, Three Kings Quarry, and the redevelopment of Northcote through Kāinga Ora. Within these projects he has undertaken and led cadastral, topographic and setout surveys as part of land development works. Smaller projects Hamish has managed and undertaken include smaller residential subdivisions, height in relation to boundary compliance checks, unit title developments, as built surveys and construction set out. This has enabled Hamish to develop a wide range of skills through this broad range of projects.

    Hamish has developed his engineering skills in his role as engineer’s representative on Fletcher Residential’s Three Kings Quarry development. He has played a key role in managing contractors and consultants to ensure stages are delivered on budget and on programme.

  • Matthew Wallace

    Matthew Wallace

    Project Manager

    Matthew has over 18 years experience in land development, predominantly in the field of project management and delivering high quality residential and industrial subdivisions. He leads a team of engineers that are focused on ensuring cost effective and time efficient solutions.

    Matthew is a regularly asked to be a contributor and reviewer of Council guidelines in relation to stormwater and erosion and sediment control management.

  • Yue Fu.jpg

    Yue Fu

    Graduate Engineer

    Yue is a civil engineer with experience in the design and construction monitoring of brownfield subdivision and civil infrastructure design, which includes earthworks, roading and three waters design. She has been involved in large scale developments such as Three Kings Quarry and Ohinewai from concept design to construction. Yue enjoys working through complex infrastructure projects and provides innovation in design and cost-effective solutions for the client.


  • Ben Pain Woods.png

    Ben Pain

    Associate Engineer

    A Chartered Professional Engineer, Ben has expertise in infrastructure engineering, land development engineering, and project management. Ben especially enjoys complex infrastructure projects that are becoming a normal part of any land development process.  Ben’s key areas of expertise are sediment & erosion control design, wastewater pump stations, and multidisciplinary projects while maintaining proficiency in land development engineering design and management. While at Woods, Ben set up and managed the company social football team which has competed in the Inter Engineering Football Championship for the last 3 years.

  • Matt Howe

    Matt Howe

    Project Manager

    Matt has over 15 years of industry experience that encompasses Project management, Civil Infrastructure design management, Surveying & Land Development. His experience has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the whole life cycle of a project from design and planning through to construction and handover. Having delivered large scale infrastructure projects through to small scale land development projects, Matt understands the challenges and complexities involved in achieving successful outcomes.

  • Tim Rickards

    Tim Rickards

    Senior Associate Engineer

    Tim is a CPENG Civil Engineer with proven experience in leading Civil design teams in large-scale Roading and Urban infrastructure Projects. He has solid 3D Design and CAD skills and is a specialist in 12D models. Tim also has strong Storm Water design skills with experience in both treatment and capacity aspects of stormwater design.

    Tim has had experience in a wide range of exciting and challenging civil projects, including; desalination plants in Australia, prison designs for the Solomon Islands, Northern territories and in Auckland, roading projects in New Zealand and Australia – both highways and residential/commercial subdivisions, civil site design around urban infrastructure including sewage treatment plants/pump stations, resorts, retirement home, and sports stadiums, and large scale residential subdivisions.

    In addition to Tim’s project experience, he has taken the lead role in developing Woods internal systems, including training and mentoring other engineers in 12D and engineering design and developing the health and safety system.

  • Sam Law

    Sam Law

    Associate Engineer

    Sam is a chartered professional engineer with extensive land development experience in the greenfield and brownfield space. He is currently leading projects at the Piritahi alliance, which focuses on preparing land and infrastructure for high-density in-fill development.

    Sam's strengths lie in his timely delivery while providing high-quality outcomes for stakeholders at all project stages, from design and inception to final sign-offs. Sam enjoys working through complex engineering problems to provide innovative and practical solutions and takes pride in seeing the social, commercial, and environmental benefits of his work.

  • Colin Dryland

    Colin Dryland

    Senior Associate Engineer

    Colin leads a team that delivers all manner and scales of land development projects from conception to completion. With over 15 years of industry experience, he specialises in design and management of land development projects, road upgrades, and stormwater management systems, focusing on project delivery and cost control. Having qualifications and experience in both Architecture and Engineering, Colin is known for combining these disciplines and delivering the end-user outcomes that create environments where people love to live, work, and play.

  • Joanne Cochrane staff photo

    Joanne Cochrane

    Associate Engineer – Discipline Lead LD Piritahi

    Joanne has worked in the industry for over 14 years. She has expertise in infrastructure engineering, project management, and land development engineering including large scale brownfields development. She is known for her attention to detail and practical approach to engineering challenges.

  • Bidara Pathirage team photo

    Bidara Pathirage

    Associate - 3 Waters Engineer

    Bidara works extensively on major infrastructure projects in both New Zealand and Australia, including greenfield and brownfield land developments in Auckland. She has a deep understanding of the key drivers associated with challenging projects, and is responsible for the delivery of technical reports, options analysis & assessments, infrastructure planning, flood analysis and reticulation & network design.

  • Pranil Wadan

    Pranil Wadan

    Principal Engineer - 3 Waters Manager

    A chartered professional engineer with over 15 years’ of experience, Pranil manages the Woods 3 waters team. He is an expert in stormwater management, stormwater infrastructure design, flood modelling, flood hazard and overland flow-path assessments, He is often called on to provide expert evidence in the Environment Court and in Board of Inquires. His projects span the range of development scales and types including greenfield and brownfield sites, multi-unit housing, and commercial projects.

  • Boniface Kinnear team photo

    Boniface Kinnear

    Associate - 3 Waters Engineer

    Boniface is a professional civil and environmental engineer with over 17 years of experience. With his two postgraduate engineering degrees, he brings expertise in water quality and contaminant load modelling. His projects scan a range of development scales and he has strong skills in both civil and water infrastructure.

  • Ajay Desai team photo

    Ajay Desai

    Senior Associate Engineer - 3 Waters

    A Chartered Professional Engineer with specialised skills in design and modelling of three waters-related infrastructure, Ajay has global experience working on three waters projects in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. He has been instrumental in preparing numerous catchment scale hydraulic models, detailed design of networks, and preparing integrated catchment management plans and infrastructure reports for private clients, as well as for district and regional councils.

  • Ben Dawe team photo

    Ben Dawe

    Associate Engineer

    Ben has had civil design and construction experience in Australia and New Zealand for more than 11 years across all scales of land development engineering. From greenfields projects to densification of complex brownfields sites, Ben leads a small team within Woods, often concentrating on dense developments, including building projects and retirement villages. These projects require attention to detail and quality communication, enabling the coordination of designs across many consulting fields to achieve client outcomes.

  • Owen Clements

    Owen Clements

    Principal Surveyor – Precinct Director Piritahi

    Owen manages a team focussed on the design, implementation and delivery of small- to large-scale residential and commercial developments.

    Having worked in the industry for 13 years, Owen has a comprehensive understanding of cadastral surveying, civil engineering, resource management and land development processes. He enjoys coordinating within project teams, comprising Woods and external consultants, and delivering developments for our clients.

  • Gina Nicholas staff photo

    Gina Nicholas

    3 Waters Engineer

    Gina is a professional engineer with experience in three waters design and planning in both public and private sectors. She specialises in three waters modelling, preparing catchment and zone-management plans and is proficient in the delivery of water infrastructure from concept design stage.

  • Allan Vorster

    Allan Vorster

    Senior Associate Engineer

    Allan is a Civil Engineering Technologist with over 28 years’ experience in the civil engineering sector. He has extensive experience in urban site development projects such as shopping centres, business parks, residential land developments, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools including multi storey buildings with deep below ground basements/parking facilities. Allan specialises in the design/ construction monitoring and engineering management of bulk earthworks, sub-soil drainage, stormwater, wastewater, water supply, roads and vehicle parking facilities.

  • Jamie Whyte

    Jamie Whyte

    Senior Associate Surveyor

    A registered surveyor, Jamie has expertise in land development engineering and project coordination. With experience in large subdivision projects such as Stonefields, Millwater, and Long Bay, Jamie now oversees the project coordination for the Milldale development north of Auckland.

    Milldale is a 4,500 lot masterplanned development that started construction in 2017 and has already delivered over 1000 new lots to Auckland’s housing supply. Starting at Woods in 2004 as a survey graduate, Jamie now has 18 years of experience in the land development industry in Auckland.

  • Thanujah Haran staff photo

    Thanujah Haran

    Senior Associate Engineer – Technical Specialist LD Piritahi

    Thanujah has considerable experience in the design and delivery of highway and land development infrastructure projects. Having worked extensively on major infrastructure and brownfield developments both in Australia and New Zealand, she understands the main drivers associated with challenging projects.