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The importance of reputation in the eyes of a construction surveyor

The importance of reputation in the eyes of a construction surveyor

It’s a bit of a cliché, but in the engineering and construction industry, your reputation really does precede you. Companies are often brought on for major projects which are under strict time constraints and budgets, so putting a foot wrong can pretty quickly see you gain a bad rap.

Here are 3 key things to remember when building and protecting your reputation in the industry:

1. Time management and organisation

It should go without saying, but time management is critical. We often deal with high-profile construction projects which come at a huge cost for the clients, so if you’re not there, you rock up late, or you’re not keeping up with the tasks, then it’s going to be detrimental to both the progress and timeline of the project, and also your personal and professional reputation. You’re dealing with some pretty big numbers, so holding the show up on your end just can’t be an option.


2. Like-minded people on side

At Woods, we have a big team of guys that we can rely on. If someone is sick or away, we have other people we can easily pull in to keep the show running. Because of the scale of our company, the amount of equipment we have, and the depth in our team, we’re sorted if something happens. As a surveyor on a project, we are able to quickly sort them out and keep things going without any disruption or stoppages. This plays a big role in the reputation of the team and the surveyor as there is the guarantee of continuity without compromising quality.


3. Communication

As a surveyor, we need to be having ongoing interaction with other key members involved in a project. I’ll often be talking with the site manager daily which means I’ll usually touch base with them when I arrive onsite, and again before I leave too.

It’s also important that communication is used to understand the project and the critical touch points. Clear comms between the surveyor and the client from the start and throughout a project is key to having a mutual understanding of the job at hand and is therefore key to running a smooth operation. And, when there’s questions to be asked or clarity is needed, it’s crucial that you’re confident enough to just pick up the phone and have that conversation there and then. A good surveyor is not just technically capable; they should also have those skills to develop relationships, and communication plays a massive role in this.


These might seem pretty obvious (and hopefully they are), but they can easily slip if you don’t keep on top of things. Unfortunately, people never remember the 99.9% of things you do well – it’s always that 0.1% that sticks with people. Once you do that damage, it can be quite difficult to undo.

Lee Scorrar
Survey Manager Construction

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