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Environmental Week at Woods

Environmental Week at Woods

We are taking steps to minimise our impact on the environment. From December 3rd – 7th, we had an Environmental Week at Woods, where we made a few changes to the way we work and deal with resources.

The highlights from the Environmental Week were:

  • We removed all individual rubbish bins in the open plan area of the office. New communal bins have replaced the old system, to encourage minimum waste generation and maximum recycling rates. This change will save approximately 7,000 plastic bin liners each year;
  • A composting scheme has been set up for the office: staff have volunteered to take compostables home to their gardens, diverting a significant amount of organic waste from landfill;
  • Reusable coffee cups were given to all employees on Christmas to help reduce the use of disposable cups; reusable water bottles had already been distributed last year;
  • We monitored power usage and encouraged employees to turn off computers when they were not being used. Everyone who did it got a small prize at the end of the week;
  • Public transport, cycling and ride sharing for business trips was encouraged. Staff can now use alternative modes to go to meetings and site visits, and get reimbursed for those trips;
  • On the last day of the week, we had a talk on environmental design initiatives at Woods, showcasing projects that incorporate features such as raingardens, slow speed streets and green building certification.

There is so much more that can be done, but we feel that this has been a good start to improve things we were already doing, implement new actions and spark new ideas.

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