Woods Engineering overview of development site
What we do


Our experienced team of specialist engineers have a broad range of expertise and have been involved in a wide range of projects from end-to-end.

At Woods, we continuously look for ways that we can improve people's lives inside the communities that they live in. Whether it be making changes in how they get from place to place, different forms of housing, different typologies, schools or other amenities to make life more enjoyable. Over time people’s thinking changes, philosophy changes, and how people live changes. A better community is not a single end-state - it is a continuum.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows the disciplines to come together to work on a project, creating a cross-pollination of ideas as they draw on their collective experience and provide their different perspective.

We collaborate, merge ideas, and challenge the status quo to ultimately create a better community.

Our land development process

Whether your site is 170ha or 1700m2, the subdivision process generally follows the phases outlined below. The process may differ on a case-by-case basis depending on the location of the land to be subdivided, existing site constraints, and the number of lots to be created.

Phase 01. Feasibility & Design

We meet with the client, survey the site, and prepare a visual plan that depicts the layout of the new development.

Liaising with client
Engineering, Planning, Urban Design and Architecture, Surveying and Spatial.

Scheme Planning
Urban Design and Architecture, Surveying and Spatial.

Survey and Spatial approval
Engineering, Planning, Urban Design and Architecture, Surveying and Spatial.

Phase 02. Consents

We prepare a resource consent application, any additional reporting required, and act on the client’s behalf to secure Council approval.

Resource consent process
Engineering, Planning, Urban Design and Architecture, Surveying and Spatial.

Engineering approval

Phase 03. Tenders & Construction

We put out tenders to contractors for the works and then oversee construction on the site.

Tender preparation

Civil construction
Engineering, Surveying and Spatial.

Phase 04. Certifications

Once construction is complete, we prepare and lodge the legal documentation required for the issue of new titles.

223 certification
Surveying and Spatial.

Building certification
Urban Design and Architecture.

224 certification
Planning, Surveying and Spatial, Engineering.

Surveying and Spatial approval
Surveying and Spatial.

Phase 05. Smart Information

By organising the data collected and created during the process, the insights gained can be used to make better, more profitable decisions for the client.

Smart information
Survey and Spatial, Engineering.